Royal Family

Family Background:

Our family is well known as parikud Royal family- We first ruled our estate from bankara garh now known as Banpur. We sifted to parikud in 1798 as Bankara was always attacked by east India Company. So late Maharaja Shree Bhagirathi Manasingh son of late Maharaja Shree jagganath manasingh who decided to sift the palace to parikud..many famous temples at banpur and balugaon were built by late maharaja shree jagganath manasingh who was the last ruler to rule from bankara garh (Banpur) . Maa bhagabati temple.shree Rankanatha deva temple.maa KALIJAI temple and all the old temple nearby were built by him..His son late maharaja shree bhagirathi manasingh started his tenure from PARIKUD GARH as a ruler from 1798 which stayed out of the British map for a decade due to its location at that time and they ruled all over the whole area without being attacted for years as the lake chilika covered the empire and protected it from invaders. Later it came under Indian province. Our family is well known in the state of Odisha as RAJA OF PARIKUD. my father late maharaja shree Pratap chandra manasingh elder son of Late Maharaja Shree Krishna Chandra manasingh  was well known in all societies of the state. any politician or officers  who have served Odisha before 2000 may know my father and my family. As he was involved in all social activities and services.

I Have decided to work for my people by getting in to the political system.. I decided to get into politics because i want the new generation should take over with the blessings of the elders. so new idea of development and progress could take place under a young leadership with a young vision. I Believe the work now should be handed over to the generation I decided to stay with my people and continue the work that my grandfather and father left for me with or without political support.

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