From the day of independence Our family has always been with the people by one or the other way in different activities, social and religious as We people of odisha are strongly associated with Lord Shree Jagganath culture..
                I had started working for my people from my college days, after My father's death in 2002 I took over the responsibility and dedication to stand for my people. I have hosted number of medical camps with Indian navy.. I have contributed in keeping a live our religious festivals like (Dolo festival), (maker festival) and (Ratha yatra).. l have worked with NGOS for (polythene free chilika) the Asia's largest salt lake.. I have always been loved by Brahmagiri and its all about me and my people being together as a huge family.. Recently i had my (political trip) where I got huge response during my Puri Rally, Kumarpur Rally, Haripur Rally, Banpur Rally and Pipili visit.


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