I have always been with my people working in various field's for their well fare. This time I am interested to work by getting in to the system.

My plan is to first ensure that people are benefitted by the existing yojnas and benefits that centre and state has given. A person is in Parliament to make Law, I would take advice of all the people's of the bar councils under my parliament to form or draft a new Law if needed in a specific field.

Need to specially work in agriculture and tourism grounds because these two grounds can improve the financial and employment standards of puri parliament, as not only Puri but the areas near by Puri has the potential to became the great tourist destinations of india providing employment and business opportunities. being in the coast line Wind fans can be established to increase the electric needs and lower the electric charges. Upgrading the government schools for better education and competing with private schools. Forming a team to monitor the work sanctioned by me to be done within a time limit. Employment of village youths in agricultural ground with the help and guidance of experts and employment of village women's by providing small scale industries in village's.

I will Try to establish charitable schools and Hospitals under Lord Shree Jagganath with his blessings and everyone's support which would benefit the people in need.  I believe service to mankind is service to God. These are few of my interests to do and many more advices to take.


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